The Pilates Method

The design of the Pilates Method is to stretch, strengthen and realign the body, while eliminating excess tension and strain on the joints. The exercises are performed on unique spring assisted equipment created by Joseph H. Pilates. 

His goal was to develop a full-body conditioning and injury prevention program. Each apparatus Joe Pilates invented provides resistance to create long, lean, and strong muscles with few repetitions using springs. This method does not fatigue or overdevelop the muscles but corrects the under developed muscles while properly and scientifically exercising the body as a unit creating balance. As we develop our daily habits our muscles develop patterns, muscles overworking, others atrophied and reacting slowly.  Pilates will increase your energy and is a fantastic way to get back in touch with your own body so you can use it to its full potential during your Pilates sessions, other workouts, and in everyday life. 

The result is a well-toned, strong body with improved postural alignment and flexibility, and the ability to move more efficiently with better coordination, balance, and grace.


Principles of Pilates

  • Control

  • Axial Elongation

  • Posture

  • Alignment

  • Whole Body Health

  • Whole Body Commitment

  • Breathing

  • Precision

  • Fluid Movement

  • Coordination

  • Concentration

Benefits of Pilates

  • Improve Posture

  • Strong Abdominal Muscles

  • Increase Flexibility

  • Build Shoulder & Hip Stability

  • Develop Efficient & Effective Movement

  • Improve Coordination

  • Strong Back Muscles

  • Increase Hip & Shoulder Mobility

  • Improve Range of Motion

  • Build Awareness of your Body in Space

  • Develop a Presence like no Other Exercise